Horror Skull Art Stickers

Horror skull art stickers 1 sheet of 20 round stickers featuring a horror demon skull design in black and white. It really is a pleasure to draw this type of stuff and feature them as stickers or any other products over on Zazzle.

These would be ideal for Halloween, so order them in time for Halloween.


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How To Draw A Military Skull

Today we are going to draw a Military skull design with lots of alternative ideas along the way. It’s this approach that really helps other Artists draw stuff with multiple drawing ideas and concepts to help them on their way.

Draw A Military Skull Video

Lets take a look through the following drawing video. It shows a complete pencil sketch design idea from start to finish of a Military or Army style skull design. I did something similar before, but I wanted to improve on the drawing and present some new ideas for you to try and draw.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, let us look at some pencil sketch examples I have drawn to get me in the mind set to draw something like this. At first I wanted to draw the classic idea of a skull just wearing an old military style helmet and see what I could draw from there. There is a skull with a Cigar hanging from it’s mouth which is a nice iconic touch I think, sort of reminds me of an Army Sargent or something.

Some skull drawing examples.


Classic military style skull pencil drawing





military skull drawing

Another variation of the Military skull concept complete with bullet holes








How To Draw A Military Skull Step By Step

Now we will draw a couple of military skull examples and try and add more details as we refine the skull design more as we go along.

The first thing to consider is maybe doing as I have done first which is try and sketch a few loose pencil drawings and develop them on a separate sheet of paper in your sketchbook. You seem to learn from your first efforts more and you can be more confident when you come to draw from your rough sketches as you refine your skull designs.


Try drawing a Military or Army skull yourself and don’t forget to have fun, maybe draw them with proper US helmets or Japanese style Army hats, it’s up to you.

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How To Draw A Skeleton Key Idea

how to draw a skeleton key

My first Skeleton key drawing sketch just to get an idea for the design.

Skeleton keys are often referred to as a key that can open many doors, but I went for the literal meaning and began to draw my Skeleton key made from bone and a skull.

How to draw a Skeleton key is a drawing tutorial that goes through the step by step drawing process in video and photo format right here.

First of all though I thought the drawing video would give you a more loose demonstration of the Skeleton Key concept as I draw it in real time.

So watch the video Drawing a Skeleton Key

YouTube Preview Image



Now lets go through one possible way of drawing a Skeleton Key step by step. Click on each photo and try and gain some ideas on how to draw a cool Skeleton Key concept. Just think there are lots of ace ways to try and draw these things.


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How To Draw A Burnt Zombie Face

Drawing a burnt zombie face idea. As always here we have a couple of ways to draw a Burnt Zombie face idea.

Here is a simple drawing video I did to draw a rough pencil design. After you watch this we will be drawing an alternative Burnt Zombie Face design which hopefully will be cool to draw.

YouTube Preview Image

Lets look at a few drawing examples of a burnt zombie head.

Now, lets start to draw some ideas step by step of a burnt zombie head. I always start off by drawing a rough head shape and work from there.


A rough oval head shape is drawn for the face

The next thing to sketch is the overall look of the face with eyes and teeth marked out.

draw burnt zombie head

The eyes and teeth are sketched out quickly

Some rough lines should be added to try and map out the burns and deciding if there are going to be any ears is also a good idea. I’ve chosen the ears to be all burnt away.

draw burnt zombie face

Working more on the facial structure of the burnt zombie face

Slight sketches of shadow under the eyes  and in the mouth help to add some depth to the face design.

sketch burnt zombie face

Basic shadows and dark outline to make the design more solid

I’ve added some more detail along the way and this needs to look more burnt, notice the nose area has all burnt away and the skin and flesh around the mouth looks melted. Drawing a wobbly outline around the burnt zombies face helps make the face start to look burnt, also start to darken all the pencil lines.

draw zombie burnt head

Darkened and more burns added to the zombies face

Now go over every pencil line darker and add subtle final burnt details and erase some rough pencil sketch lines around the head and your Burnt Zombie head design should look like this.

howto draw a burnt zombie head

Add a little smoke and final details here and there and done

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