An Artist At Work

Sometimes I lose track of time whilst working from home as an Artist and when deadlines put pressure on me to complete artwork, you don’t often see me anywhere else but at my drawing desk.

wayne tully concept artist

Finishing off a mutant creature commission

Often you don’t really see a typical day the same as an Artist, you only think it’s the same, but half the time it isn’t. Some days are spent either marketing my work online or other times I have put myself in a right horrible creative rut of my own doing that I end up stalking People on Facebook (LOL, not really stalking, just reading other Peoples shit and looking at the pretty pictures!) and this means I do nothing some days.

Fighting through creative droughts can be very challenging as there is just something that seems to be stopping you in your brain and it’s a difficult thing to overcome. Creative block can be a daily struggle if you let it and I choose not to let this evil get me down.

artist wayne tully

Trying to come up with new ideas for art prints

When I am at my desk sketching, drawing or even coloring in my Disney coloring books (Yes, I know, I’m a sucker for kids coloring books) I sometimes feel the need to change direction and do something completely different entirely like painting and for this I have a Shed for just Painting and I disappear in there for hours on end creating new painted ideas and concepts.

Being an Artist is like breathing it has to be done. Variety with your work is the key I think so that you don’t burn yourself out or get bored with it. Other times when the creative vibe hits you it’s best to plough through and just get on with it and think about the consequences later (Sorry Wifey, Movie night is outta the Window!…I’m drawing!) (Divorce?!…Oh no I’m sorry!)

Working as an Artist can be a whole time management issue when you try to balance it with other life stuff. So whenever I am in doubt about what to do for the best, I often do what ever I feel or think at the time, so long as I learn to balance family time with work time and never lose sight of what’s important in life. (Sometimes, it’s a TV show LOL!)

When I am at work I feel like time can be wasted and if I ever feel like that, then I should snap out of it as should you if you feel the same. I’ve been trying to check emails at the end of the day now and only allow myself 5 minutes of Facebook time at the beginning and end of the day. (You know how it is skimming your Facebook feed, you just find all sorts of cool and funny shit, you can waste hours, we’ve all done it!)

The Day starts with me sketching usually and then the unplanned Day becomes all condensed into something larger and more focused as the Day draws to a close. I think some of my best work is created in the final working hours of the Day because I think I knuckle down and get on with it.

What do you struggle with as an Artist? How do you get through your day?

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Demon Head Ideas To Draw

Here are a selection of different Demon head ideas for you to try and draw yourself. I encourage you to sketch some of them and then mix and match different ideas along the way. Try and get a feel for drawing your own Demon head concepts and ideas and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Now, lets have a look at various Demon heads you could draw based on my drawings below.

The next one here was a simple idea of trying to make a Human slightly demonic and this can be a great way of drawing demon characters too, maybe they can transform and turn into demons.

demon head concepts

A Human looking hobo demon head I like the idea that His beard could be alive and full of hellfire LOL

Other times though you can sketch and draw a right horrific mess like this image I drew for a future art print that I’m going to color. The┬ástrange mass of flesh and crooked teeth with a few tiny tentacles really make this a fun drawing for me.

demonic concept art

The crooked teeth, mangled flesh is the main draw for this demonic head concept drawing

The next drawing can provide a bit of drama with the hands of this Demon scraping the flesh off it’s face. Concepts like this are worth more in value as an action and expression in your art can be more appealing to your audience or fans. Anything that suggests movement in your artwork or illustrations can only be a good thing.

draw demon head concepts

Whilst this concept remains unfinished, the idea itself is still valid to develop at a later date

Drawing a Demon Clown face concept is a favorite of mine. As you can draw different Clown characters in the facial expressions and of course different hair styles.

demonic clown face concept art

I drew this Demon clown as part of a youtube drawing video tutorial on drawing face concepts

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Art Prints In Progress

Here are some current art prints and commissions I am working on not in any order or anything, just a look at where I’m currently at with different art projects. This makes me wish I’d started making commissions available earlier.

Below is just a small handful of drawings I am working on and I’ll be posting regular about what art prints I’m working on to keep you in the loop and of course if you are interested, you can suggest ideas for me to work on as new selections of art prints for the future. Any suggestions that do get made into prints I’ll reduce the price of the prints for those that suggested them when completed.


This Mutant Creature Art Poster print you can now buy

art prints to sell

Pencil shading with a 6B pencil at the moment on this mutant head idea.

art commission for sale

The focus on this one is going to more cool stuff in the background with lots of slime

demon drawing commission

A demonic inspired art print idea. I love to draw this shit.

creepy skull drawing

Someone once said to me why don’t you draw a skull with all sorts of creepy stuff crawling out of it…so I did



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How To Draw An Orcs Head

How to draw an Orcs head step by step. Drawing an Orc head can be an easier process when you break down the drawing process.

Here we will look at drawing an Orc head in 3 steps from sketching in pencil, the idea, then to the inking and finally the coloring stage.

The sketching stage is always the most difficult, so see what you can draw right at the beginning first.

YouTube Preview Image

Inking the Orc Head now in the second video. Inking is always a fun process of cementing your drawing idea in permanent inks.

YouTube Preview Image

Color the Orc head drawing now with Prismacolor pencils.

YouTube Preview Image


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