How To Draw A Black Cat

How to draw a black Cat for Halloween or anytime of the year. I preferred to go my own way with drawing this cat and that meant not having the added pressure of trying to draw it as a realistic sketch.

Hopefully you can gain some useful insight into drawing a black Cat.

The first gallery here is about sketching the black Cat from scratch and working out it’s pose. Separating this process from the inking stages was vital to divide it from the drafting steps.

Now the inking of the Black Cat I wanted more of an inked sketchy feel to the Cat illustration and so I chose a couple of Uni-pin fine liner ink pens to ink the whole Cat drawing. Here are the steps if you want to follow along and draw something like this yourself.

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How To Draw A Lizard Dog

The concept of drawing a lizard dog happened to just enter my mind one day, so I thought about sketching some possibilities and then went on with the sketching process a few times and ended up right where I started. Fun sketching times was had by all. Lets take a look.

How to draw a Lizard Dog step by step the first attempt. You can study these steps and see the details of what changes in each individual step of the sketching process by clicking on the first image and clicking through the slideshow.

Now on to the inking of this Dog Lizard drawing, so it’s a case of trying to make sense of your initial pencil lines and create something good from your pencil sketch drawing. I used a uni-pin fine liner ink pen both 0.1 size for the thinner ink lines and size 0.5 for the majority of the ink lines.

draw dog lizard

Start by inking the head first as this is the main part of the creature design

draw lizard dog

Inking the rest of the head clears any rough pencil marks up

draw a lizard dog

Inking the front legs now and try to clear up the claws on the feet, make them more detailed if possible

inking the lizard dog

Inking the spine and and rib cage and other extra details to the Lizard Dog

I suppose the combination of two types of animal Reptile and Canine help to create a unique looking fantasy creature, so it’s always worth a try to draw something like this.

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Watercolor Skull Painting Experiment

I wanted to do a simple yet effective quick skull painting with watercolors. the only brief I gave myself was to try and do this in a couple of minutes and add some sloppy drips here and there to make it look cohesive as a design.

Here are the steps I took to paint this little watercolor skull experiment. Enjoy!

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Horror Skull Art Stickers

Horror skull art stickers 1 sheet of 20 round stickers featuring a horror demon skull design in black and white. It really is a pleasure to draw this type of stuff and feature them as stickers or any other products over on Zazzle.

These would be ideal for Halloween, so order them in time for Halloween.


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