Drawing Service I’ll Draw A Horror Skull For $5

Over on Fiverr.com I have created a gig were you can order a horror skull image of your choice for only $5. Now what’s special about this is that because I can create and draw lots of various skull images quite quickly I thought what if the person that buys the skull design could then have the right to use that design as an image on a t-shirt or print on demand product.

You will receive the artwork as a Jpeg or PNG digital file.

So that’s what I did. I’ve been a member of fiverr for a few years now and thought about only having this one gig for now to promote and focus on.

So if you need a horror skull image drawn, then please check out the link and the video and see some examples of the black and white skull designs I will do. Drawing Service – I’ll Draw Horror Skull Design For $5 

Eventually I may do another gig that will compliment this one with color horror skulls.

Post Updated 31st March 2015 – I have added some gig extras that you can buy together with the original order of a black and white skull design and they are as follows:-

  • $5 commercial license that you can purchase if you intend to sell the design on t-shirts or anywhere else commercially.
  • $5 I’ll color each skull design with Letraset Promarkers.
  • Draw any horror skull designs of your choice for an extra $10
  • Draw an original A3 sized horror illustration of your choice and ship it to you for $40
  • Draw and color anything else horror related for an extra $10
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The Strain Is A Great Horror TV Series

The Strain is a horror TV series that I have got hooked on recently. I remember seeing the advert on Television for it and I actually gave it a go and watched the pilot episode and what was fascinating about it was that it started off quite slow and then built up the tension and gave you subtle hints about what was going on.

Further on in the series you see what’s really happening and that the Virus is spreading fast. This series is one that is right up there with The Walking Dead and it keeps you gripped from start to end. Co Created by Guillermo Del Toro ( Pans Labyrinth, Blade 2) the Vampires in this TV show resemble the ones that featured in Blade 2. Based on a Novel Trilogy By Guillermo and Chuck Hogan.

The best thing about this horror show is that it’s unpredictable (well unless you haven’t read the novels) Who lives, who dies? It certainly is a great show to watch.

So as a little homage to the show I thought I would show a progression of a work in progress of one of the infected Virus like Vampires.

The tongue I got wrong in the first pencil draft,but before I ink it, I’ll change it to look more like it should in the series. I wanted to draw lots of the Vampire Virus worms raining down in the background and this hopefully will pay off in the final drawing as I go along. When I come to color the worms I hope to give them an Ultra Violet color (at least, that’s the plan!)

It’s interesting how the finished illustration differs from the initial pencil sketch right at the beginning. Sometimes I completely change a drawing and ruin it on those rare occasions, thankfully though I saved the drawing and was able to finish it off.

See the gallery of progress as I went along.

vampire the strain

Finished the inking completely now ready for coloring

drawing vampire from the strain

I’ve started to color in the mouth and tongue as that is the most important element

the strain tv show

A bit of ice grey promarker colored around the face

the strain art

Colored the eyes and teeth in yellow and red colors

horror art the strain

Colored the worms in blue and highlighted with a white pen as well as other details


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My Artistic Goals For 2015

Over the course of this year I have had several ideas that I haven’t followed through with and as an Artist I should have gotten on with them or at least tried to develop some concepts here and there, even if I just did some quick sketches and notes I could have done something for the ideas that I lost along the year.

There are a few things I have started up again and that’s an eBay sellers account trying to sell some of my art, although it’s not on a scale I imagined as I haven’t being able to manage my time effectively at all this year and as a result I’ve only been able to list a handful of art for sale.

Also I want to make this blog/website a host of great artistic information mixed with not just drawing tutorials and videos, but a good resource on being an Artist, imagination and inspirations. And to do just that I need to really focus on this site more and that’s really what I intend to do for next year.

art goals

An image of art to actually finish, coloring pens at the ready!

So in a post that I will follow up on, I thought I would try and list and explain my Artistic Goals for next year 2015 and therefore try to follow up on them.

  • Definitely I want to do more with selling my art on eBay, but not just the selfish notion of earning myself money. I want to document my experience with selling art and try and relay some good advice to other Artists who are thinking of doing the same thing.
  • Next I’m going to revitalize this blog/website and try and do at least a worthwhile post a day or more than one post. I’m also looking at changing the design or theme of the site to try and make the look and feel of the site more improved and easier to navigate. New logo and header is the first thing to hire out and get a professional to do. Can’t you just tell I’ve read an inspirational blog post, well here is that post – 43 Creative Ways To Breathe Life Back In Your Blog
  • Time management was a big issue this year, so I will be planning or rather laying down a plan of tasks to get done each day or weekly. The idea with this is to make myself work and be more productive.
  • Which in turn leads me into creating more finished art. I need to be creating new art to sell to make some money. This is one income stream of many that need to come together to make a larger income to support me and my Family.
  • I’ve made several attempts in the past to try and publish a Children’s book or create a Graphic Novel, but started off great creating art, writing stories and dialogue and I lacked focus on the projects and lost motivation for the ideas to complete anything. Well I want to at least have a Children’s book published this year or a Graphic Novel or both. A Children’s book seems more likely however.
  • Also I want to have a crack at being more creative in other creative ways and maybe create some Halloween props of some sort or other things that could impress my Son or Daughter. A promise I made to my kids about painting some sort of mural in their bedrooms has to be planned at least this year whilst they are still young enough to care about having something cool on their walls.

I’m pretty sure there are other goals I would like to throw in there, but these are the main ones that need to gather my focus and my utmost attention in 2015.

What are your Artistic Goals?

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How To Draw Libra Zodiac Sign

How to draw the Libra Zodiac sign. Libra is the Zodiac sign that is supposed to resemble weighing scales and this is the simplest design I could muster, although I wasn’t happy with this one for some reason compared to some of the other signs which are more pleasing to draw.

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