Drawing Some Cool Horror Skull Ideas

I seem to draw a lot of horror skulls so I thought I would do a large post with lots of examples of drawing some cool horror skull ideas just to entertain myself too. So here we will focus on drawing some very different skull designs from each other but they all will share the same theme of horror.

Now I thought what skull drawing step by step bonanza wouldn’t be complete without a cool Vampire Skull to draw. I’ve drawn Vampire skulls before here take a look – Draw Vampire Skulls

Well here we are draw this….

What about a Werewolf skull drawing, something I haven’t tried before, but hey that’s what drawing is all about challenging yourself to draw new and cool stuff.

Drawing a Zombie skull now with some missing teeth is always a safe bet to draw. Zombies can look as rotten as you like, but maybe draw along with me to get an idea for drawing a Zombie Skull. Also see this other post on drawing a Zombie Skull

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Letraset Promarkers Demo And Review

promarkers review

A Halloween pumpkin illustration colored in with Letraset Promarkers.

I bought myself some Letraset Promarkers to test them out as I’d seen quite a number of YouTube videos with other Artists using them to color in drawings and they looked very cool, not sure if they are on a par with Copic markers because I haven’t got around to using them expensive markers yet.

These promarkers in particular I got two packs of six and there is the Rich Tones and the Mid Tones I got to test out, although in hindsight I should have ordered a pack of 12 with a blender marker, but I ordered a blender marker pen separate.

This post isn’t a “how to” type post it is merely a look at the markers in action for the first time from me using them and as a blog post I could look back on this post and see how I may have improved in the future after continued use of these markers.

Using new art pens for the first time always requires some use of trial and error to find your own way of working with them. In the video below I had the assumption that using the blender pen to blend some colors together was a piece of cake, but I was quickly shot down for this quite early on. Still the coloring process gradually grew on me and I started to see a happy looking Halloween Pumpkin towards the end of the coloring.

YouTube Preview Image

Promarker thoughts

The markers suit best when used on thicker paper, for instance white card that is the thicker kind is the best, in my trial and error approach with these art pens I preferred to use thick card to color and draw on because the pens do bleed through the paper and if it’s thin drawing paper it could go through to other drawings in a sketchbook.

The best use of these markers is the twin points that most professional markers have these days and that is the fine point and the chisel tip at either side of each marker, this provides and excellent choice to color in wide areas and small precise areas with the right tip end of the markers.

I will be trialing the blender pen more in the future against other colors and to see how to use it more effectively in marker illustrations. These pens are an affordable alternative to the more expensive Copic Markers.

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How To Draw A Cross On Fire

This was a very basic idea on how to draw a cross on fire step by step. The idea suits better for a tattoo concept and that’s the angle I was approaching. Of course there are many ways to draw this idea and we can explore that fully in the future at some point.

Look at the quick gallery below and click the first image to view the slideshow of the steps to draw this.

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Freddy Krueger Head Art Watercolor Painting

I thought I’d follow on from the previous post on painting a skull with watercolors¬†with this attempt at Freddy Kruegers head. Starting with the loose colors and working backwards by inking last I thought it might be another quick and cool experiment and as usual I documented the steps as a process you can take a look at below.

The finished drawing itself doesn’t look like Freddy Krueger, but I still had fun having a go at creating it.

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