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Trying to get my art noticed over the years has been difficult and has led to a lot of depressive episodes in my life, mainly because I have failed to grasp the one true way of actually getting my art noticed. Sure Family and Friends will occasionally glance at your work and say “Spot on mate!” or “That’s nice!” But you as an Artist want and deserve more attention than that.

When you get locked into the online world, you think that’s all there is to promote yourself and your art and in this day and age that still is a good way of doing so, but the offline world has a real distinct advantage that I need to try and tap into.

You see the majority of people you already associate with in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter aren’t interested in your art or even buying it for that matter. You have to look further afield to get selling your artwork. I know this to be true because there are people out there that would be motivated to buy my art if only they knew it existed.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with drawing black and white artwork and I know this to be a niche market worth exploring as an Artist. Tattoos, comic books and Band album covers demand this sort of art all the time and I know full well that if I targeted those types of people immersed with that culture of art I may get some buyers.

Horror Skull Tiles
Horror Skull Tiles by waynetully
View more Horror skull Tiles at

The more online and offline spaces I get my own artwork out to, the more notice I will get for it and I have to keep plugging away at it for some time before I see the benefits. The recent local art gallery exhibition was a start, but I need to start to get more involved in the local art scene and arts community as a whole to really get anywhere.

So, What’s my plan for the future?

Well, locally is exactly what I stated above, but also I want to do more of the actual process of drawing and creating stuff from my imagination because that is what this website is supposed to be about.

The very idea that you are just another Artist amidst a sea of other Artists and you’ll never ever get found is just a load of turd. I’ve come to believe that there are negative systems in place to put creative people down in their own artistic journey and these should be overcome before you embark on your journey.

Negative systems could include:

  • What Friends and Family say or dictate to you about your art.
  • What Society as a whole thinks you should be doing other than your art.
  • Lifestyle and the way you live your life could presently be a negative.
  • Criticism of your art including bad experiences of getting your work noticed.

The more I strive to be positive about my art and the improvements of what I create, then those negative things that may have happened or will happen will be killed there and then by the positive influences.

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How To Draw A Skull Spider Concept

Drawing a skull spider concept idea based on an idea I had from a Skull Spider creature in the Zelda video game Link in Time. I was thinking of drawing something similar for quite some time as the idea was a very simple one that seemed cool to draw.

All concepts start with an idea and this was the springboard to draw this concept. I hope you watch the 2 drawing videos for inspiration because that’s why I do these drawing videos.

Draw The Skull Spider Concept

YouTube Preview Image

Inking the Spider Skull

YouTube Preview Image
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Evil Demon Spawn Horror Plates

Black and white evil death spawn demon horror art plates for sale. Might be nice for Halloween, but any occasion really.


horror art drawings

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Black And White Demon Horror Art Post Cards

Black and white demonic horror art post cards for sale, the eyes popping out of this strangely designed Demonic creature was the main inspiration behind this design and the black and white color contrast is something that I am working on through my own artistic journey.

There’ll be more of these horror post cards for collectors from Wayne Tully.


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