Freddy Krueger Head Art Watercolor Painting

I thought I’d follow on from the previous post on painting a skull with watercolors with this attempt at Freddy Kruegers head. Starting with the loose colors and working backwards by inking last I thought it might be another quick and cool experiment and as usual I documented the steps as a process you can take a look at below.

The finished drawing itself doesn’t look like Freddy Krueger, but I still had fun having a go at creating it.

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How To Draw A Day Of The Dead Skull

How to draw a Day of the Dead skull here now and we are going to sketch an example and then color it in too once inked. Day of the Dead skulls look very decorative with all the swirls and colorful patterns you can try and draw on the skull design itself.

Inking them now we try and make the skull design more clarified and concise for the colouring stage of this drawing tutorial.

inking day of dead skull

Start carefully inking the drawing, start anywhere you like

inking dead skulls

Continue inking the dead skull with a fine line ink pen

inking a day of the dead skull

See the design elements of the skull stand out when you ink

ink dead skull

Nearly all inked, just the eyes that will take a steady hand to ink it right

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How To Draw Pikachu

How to draw Pikachu a Pokemon that is regarded as one of the more popular Pokemon characters from the popular cartoon. I am at the moment toying with the idea to draw lots of other Pokemons too which might be cool, even though I’ve never really watched the cartoon.

Now onto the coloring stage. I am using these really cheap Gall Paintastic pens which have a brush tip and these were ideal for coloring this Pikachu drawing. Lets look at the simple coloring process below.

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Wayne’s Art Update

art update

Sat at another Desk in my House getting ready to draw, a typical day.

Every so often I like to do a quick video showing you the drawings and little art projects I’m working on, sort of a snapshot of art that is an update of sorts.

In this video I have various new pieces of art, some finished and some not, but this is just a brief glimpse into my world as I am constantly drawing all of the time. So what I draw one week, I may re-draw slightly different the next week. Or create something entirely new and different the next week after that.

YouTube Preview Image
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