How To Draw A Demon Woman With Wings

Drawing a demonic woman with wings was always on the cards as a drawing video tutorial series. So I thought about trying to make it count towards a good concept to try and attempt to draw. Again I stuck to the format of doing three main art videos. One for the drawing, one for the inking and the last one for the coloring stage of the creative process.

I guess this actual drawing was inspired by other Artists depictions of a Demonic Girl with demon wings, almost Manga-esque in it’s conception, but I tried to create a nice cool looking creature idea when it came to the end result with the coloring stage.

Drawing a Demonic Woman with wings – This first video is the all important sketching stage were you either make or break your drawing and you figure out the composition of your character drawing. Early on I wanted to give the impression that she had just leapt off a window ledge or some other higher building element as she has wings so I thought she could be flying with her evil demonic wings.

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Inking the Demonic Woman – Inking is always a nice and neat way of finalizing the drawing process. Any mistakes made in the pencil drawing process can hopefully be rectified in this medium. I used a Berol fine line ink pen for this inking tutorial demonstration.

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Coloring Your Demon Woman With Wings – I often enjoy the coloring process when I create a new drawings or designs.The blending of the pencils usually makes the effort more satisfying because if it’s a good set of pencils like the Crayolas or the Prismacolors then they blend really well and you can if you have the time build up the graduation of tone in layers.

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