How To Draw A Skull Step By Step

Draw a Skull Step By Step Right Now

Here we have the first of a lot of planned drawing tutorials with actual pictures in which I show you step by step along the way how to draw specific things like fantasy creatures, fantasy characters and even established fantasy characters too, although it’s all my original take on them, so that’s why it makes it exciting for me to draw, but I hope that you find these very useful and inspirational to draw and practice. Make sure you have some decent art supplies

Step 1 – Simple Shape

Drawing a skull is easy when you begin to associate shapes with the end result, in the first sketch we have the oval shape as you can see below and this is what I always start with, it gives a nice and easy framework to build a drawing up.

How to draw a skull

Step 2 – Little lines

The next step is to slowly build up a series of pencil lines that begin to define the skulls form and it all starts with little marks to begin with as shown below with simply drawing in the eyes…

Drawing a skull step 2

Step 3 – Defining lines

Defining the cheekbones with a quick pencil line here and marking in the skulls templ also helps you to know what to draw next….


Drawing a skull step 3

Step 4 – More definition

Defining the jaw bone slightly and the other cheekbone, notice the left eye and cheek bones is way smaller than the other side. Drawing skull side profiles and any faces for that matter always looks like this.

Skull drawing

Step 5 – Adding starting details

Small details like the skull nose sockets and some added frown lines above the eyes help make this skull start to look more skull like.

Draw skull head

Step 6 – Draw Teeth

Now draw in the top row of teeth and notice how they curve towards the cheek bones slightly, always remember this as it helps to create depth in your skull drawings.

Skull drawing tutorial

Step 7 – Bottom teeth

Now the bottom row of teeth are sketched in and this makes it look better and we know now we are on track to finish this skull drawing.

Sketch a skull

Step 8 – Finalize the skull

The last part of the jaw and the back of the scalp are drawn in now completing the skull outlines.

How to sketch a skull

Step 9 – Shading

Extra shading on the skull drawing and thicker pencil lines helps to make this drawing tight.

Shading the skull art

Step 10 – More shading

Shade the back of the scalp and inside the mouth and add more detail above the teeth lines usually help suggest the teeth growing out of the skull and plus it’s nice design touches to do that.

Skull drawing fun

Step 11 – Last details and done!

Draw in some eyeballs and go over some of the pencil lines like on the teeth if necessary and just finish off, the drawing is ready for inking if you want to or start another skull drawing and mix it up a little, change the head positioning or add some other elements to it, like a skull tattoo or whatever you want.

How to draw the skull

Draw a skull today and really just have fun!

Here’s a quick gallery bonus drawing tutorial on drawing another skull to take a look at. Enjoy!

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Wayne Tully is an Artist. I draw fantasy art, tattoo art and comic book art and will take on paid commissions. I draw from my imagination all the time and here on this draw fantasy art website I do drawing insights, tutorials and inspirations for any Artist to try and draw. All original art is Copyright Wayne Tully.
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