From Drawing To A Real Chain

Drawing on black card and then turning it into a keychain is more of an experiment for me and so lets do this! Black card comes in a range of different sizes and surface texture, but the ones I prefer are the smooth thick black A4 pieces of card and are perfect for drawing on… Read More »

From Manga Art To Real Piece

When it comes to creating Manga style keychains you begin with a great drawing and for Manga there is an ebook which always springs to mind when thinking about it, although there are other existing physical books which are far cheaper that might give you a good insight into drawing Manga art. This ebook delivers… Read More »

Zombie Skull Drawing For Keyring

Drawing a Zombie skull is about sketching in a flesh skull that looks more rotten than anything else and here we have a three part video showing you how to draw a Zombie skull in the early sketching stage to the inked stage and coloring stage. Choosing a nice soft pencil is the first step.… Read More »

Draw A Dragon And Make A Keyring

How to draw a dragon and take it to the keyring stage is a quick step by step guide with photos of each step to draw a Dragon. Now the step by step photos were added one by one here and you can follow along the drawing steps or just look through and gain a… Read More »