Draw Fantasy Art is about exactly what it says, drawing fantasy art, being inspired to draw fantasy art and any types of artwork from your imagination and any resources that will help you to draw and create and enjoy arts and sketching concepts and then turning those concepts into a reality through keychains.

Currently in it’s early stages at the moment, but this blog will be a daily updating art blog by me, an artist who enjoys creating and drawing from my imagination and I’ll be trying to show that enthusiasm with drawing videos and other helpful drawing tutorials that will inspire you to create works of your own and also a place to discuss your art which will be coming soon!.

One of the most interesting things about drawing from your imagination is the idea of creating something out of nothing all on your own. Sure you may have been inspired by something that you saw, but ultimately you sat down and created it all on your own and drawing unique things based on your own imagination is the central theme of this blog and how to tap into that area of your mind for unlimited ideas and concepts and then seeing then made into a proper piece is incredible.

Drawing Fantasy Art is the basis of a life long dream of collecting together art teachings based on my own way of sketching, drawing and creating and actually helping other artists with insights into art, sketching and imaginative work in made up fantasy realms.

I hope you find the art videos and articles useful for drawing and inspiration as any other artists are also welcome to write about creative insights and ways of being resourceful as an artist, just drop me a line or even better, leave a comment here and I’ll check out your article or whatever suits you.

The idea of drawing fantasy art and creating stuff from your imagination is just something that is very inspirational to me and I’m sure it is to others, so feel free to share links to any drawing videos here with other artists and just get involved with drawing and the creative process and most of all have Fun!