Common Traits Of Successful Artist

Successful Artists are those that embrace the whole creativity vibe and they excel at what they do because they work hard and so with that in mind, lets take a look at the 7 most common traits of a successful Artist.

Please bare in mind that being determined is one thing, but also time management, motivation, inspiration and creativity will always win the day if you want it enough.

traits of successful artists

  1. Work hard..oh I already mentioned that!? Well, Specializing in an art area or two is always a good thing, but what if, lets say you want to be an Illustrator and you can only draw in one art style, then you are immediately letting your Illustrator competitors beat you by being able to draw in multiple styles.

Try drawing in different styles and see what you can really achieve.

  1. They know their Market. This in some way is connected to the first trait and it’s about knowing your market for the art that you produce. Knowing the specific ins and outs of a market makes the difference so you know what sells and where.

And more importantly they know where their market hangs out online and offline. Online you’ll find them in all sorts of places such as Art Forums, Groups and pages on Facebook to actual Blogs and Websites devoted to the art forms that you can create. Your customers hang around in the background of these online spaces waiting to buy.

  1. Have yourself a good Portfolio. An obvious one really. This makes the difference between those who think they are a good Artist and those that can prove it. You want to be the Artist that can prove with a doubt that you are confident in your abilities.

A good portfolio includes different types of samples from traditional art to digital art, the more good quality range you can provide in your Portfolio the better your chances of acquiring Art commissions and jobs in the Arts.

  1. Working to a strict plan. Motivation has to be there for you to create good art as well as being able to market your work offline and online if you choose to. Your plan must include a sound marketing plan to sell your art or your creative services.

Many Artists fail to plan and therefore plan to fail. Try seeing if you can revise your plan on a weekly or fortnightly basis as things will change as you progress with your Artistic journey.

  1. It is quite often said that Successful Artists follow their passions and the things that interest them as an Artist and this is an absolute truth statement as that’s what many Artists have shown over their careers past and present. The ability to not follow the crowd, instead following their own path can really help you focus.

There is something about this trait that becomes quite Entrepreneurial as you go deeper into your own Art Destiny.

Growing as an Artist only happens when you first accept what you are great at creating and knowing what areas you need to improve in for your own Artistic development.

  1. Follow through with ideas, even if they don’t work. Successful Artists learn from their mistakes and can adjust accordingly and do better next time round. So make sure you always have a list of ideas that you can take action on throughout your weekly, fortnightly or monthly idea brainstorming routine.

Being Successful means the Entrepreneurs spirit should be influencing your risk taking with your Art Career. Not necessarily taking risks financially (Although that is usually what is involved) But trying to take risks in getting your art out there and ideas for creating more art should involve an element of risk which can be quite a thrill when it pays off.

  1. Artists that become successful network with other Artists, and they live and breathe their art and this joy spreads through a shared interest. It becomes less daunting to the Artist when they see others artwork and can learn from a different perspective.

Look for local open Art Galleries and smaller backstreet galleries to showcase your work and find other Artists and through doing this you may open up newer opportunities to collaborate and also find art groups to be a part of.

Finally we get round back to that classic phrase “Work hard Play hard” Sometimes You yourself can be your own worst enemy as you try and do positive things, but then negative thoughts enter your head and try to obstruct your way of life. Ignore the bad and only concentrate on doing good stuff, Positive stuff.

Reward yourself when you get something right. Learn and find something Positive when you get something wrong.

Good Luck!