Draw A Dragon And Make A Keyring

By | January 31, 2012

How to draw a dragon and take it to the keyring stage is a quick step by step guide with photos of each step to draw a Dragon. Now the step by step photos were added one by one here and you can follow along the drawing steps or just look through and gain a few ideas on how to draw your very own Dragon. The idea is to draw simple lines with not a lot of great detail as you need to create a sense of Cartoon styled design.

In the early sketching stages you are more likely to make some mistakes so draw lightly. By far this isn’t a fully finished drawing, just an idea you can clean up at a later stage, but it gets the ball rolling when you want to create quick cartoon artwork.

Follow through the steps below and see for yourself how to draw an idea as simple as aDragon. I used a Popper pencil to sketch this Dragon, a black Gel Ink pen and some Crayola Twistables to add the color, but you can use whatever art pens and equipment you are more comfortable with.

Sketch the spine of your Dragon.

How To Draw Dragon

Sketch the underbelly.

Sketch in the leg shape which will be in the foreground.

Draw in the tail for your Dragon.

Mark out a rough shape for the neck and top of head.

Draw an eye brow and bottom jaw and mouth.

Define the eye brow and change it’s shape.

Define the mouth shape now.

Draw an eye and finish mouth lines.

Define the chest and belly with classic bubble style curves.

Follow all the way along until the end of the tail.

…..Like this

Define more pencil lines.

Draw in some sharp teeth.

Start to draw sharp spikes on the spine of the Dragon…

….Follow all the way along.

Remembering to the curve the spikes with the shape of the body.

Define the back line to match the shape of the body.

Draw curved lines on the bubbles creating a nice underbelly.

Follow along with this all the way to the end of the tail.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon

Mark in the other Dragons foot.

Define the front foot.

Darken the pencil lines and draw in some claws. Try and draw them as if they were huge slippers.

Add a little detail for the impression of some scales.

Separate the toes of your feet.

Add some more Dragon scales around the Dragons mouth. Keep this to a minimum.

Change the eye brow slightly. Fix any details you are not happy with on the face.

Take a look…happy or is it back to the drawing board?

Now ink the whole drawing with an ink pen and erase the pencil lines from your drawing.

Color in the middle of the Dragon with a dark green pencil leaving enough space for the lighter green and some more highlights.

Color with the dark green on the whole of the Dragons body legs and tail.

Use the light green on the underbelly only.

Also use the light green to blend in with the dark green as they go well together.

Now take a golden yellow and color in the white spaces left on your cartoon dragon drawing.

Continue all the way through…

Tail as well….

Until you have a finished dragon drawing idea like this.

Of course that isn’t the end if you want to develop your Dragon idea as you can scan this drawing into your computer and make it look more professional by computer coloring it and we’ll do that at a later date either with Gimp or Photoshop. Once that is complete we can take it to the next stage and begin mapping out or design in 3D so we can begin to make our dragon keyring.