From Manga Art To Real Piece

By | April 19, 2012

When it comes to creating Manga style keychains you begin with a great drawing and for Manga there is an ebook which always springs to mind when thinking about it, although there are other existing physical books which are far cheaper that might give you a good insight into drawing Manga art. This ebook delivers practical information from the very basic level of drawing manga art.

Other ebooks like the Manga Expert are great as well, but I want to focus on this particular one as I own it myself. The Ebook which comes in PDF format is an instant download after you pay for it and you get a couple of small bonus ebooks with it on drawing hair and Chibi characters which are manga characters but with big heads I’m sure you’ve seen them before!

When Artists teach manga art they try and build up from the very basic level so as not to put you off from drawing. So basic stuff like drawing all the features on manga characters heads such as eyes, ears and mouth are explored and then full figures are introduced later in the ebook to give you an idea on ways to build up your manga character sketches.

The ease of reading and browsing this ebook is apparent and I’m sure when people get to grips with formatting these ebooks for drawing instructions better, there will be more detailed ebooks on drawing manga and other creative stuff which will just expand any beginner Artists knowledge.

Mad About Manga is one of the best instant download ebooks on drawing the manga art form, although I’m sure there could be room for extra page updates at some point or even a brand new ebook which focuses on drawing Mech Warriors or Japanese Demons which would be cool.

Once you nail the art style of Manga and have on paper something that you believe to be perfect you can start the transformation to a live keychain ready for use. Manga is very popular so these will be well liked by many people.