Youtube Art Drawing Basics

Drawing on YouTube requires you to have a good web cam or a decent video camera like the Flip HD or Kodak zi8, as you are working up close and sometimes highly detailed, you do need to show exactly what you are drawing or attempting to draw.

As I’ve been doing this for a few years now, I thought I would run through the basics of what to do and how to upload your videos and things like that for anyone who gets stuck with technical jargon that just doesn’t make sense to them. Everyone has to learn something at some point and the Internet is no different with all of the webs free platforms you can use to your own advantage to get the word out on your own art.

YouTube is only the beginning as there are other video sharing sites and blogging platforms that you incorporate your videos into. First of all it’s ideal that you have a specialist interest in drawing art or something that you love, for me that was and still is drawing fantasy art, yours could be other things like Manga drawing, comic book art or drawing Barbie?!

Once you have your art niche covered it is best to come up with a keyworded username for your YouTube channel, this is something that in the beginning I just didn’t do as my channel is just waynetully1 and so I have since created a channel called drawfantasyart so I can tie it into this blog and boost up the search engine ranking for that keyword phrase, so try to come up with something unique and easy to type into the search engines and possibly might be searched upon.

Next thing to do is to fill out your channel profile with everything that will help viewers and future subscribers get to know you including your website or blog URL as people will decide to check out your stuff based on your videos so why not make it easy for them.

When you have actually shot your video content and need to edit it, you can either use Windows movie maker live or if you are on a Mac, then you could use . It is then best to save your video file as a keyword phrase that relates to your video content, so for example if your video is about your own art drawing techniques, then you would put something like Art Drawing Techniques as the video file name, this all helps with the search engine findability of your videos within YouTube itself and externally on other search engines.

Do make sure that when you edit your videos any audio is clear to hear as when you are starting out, sometimes your equipment might not be up to scratch and what sounds loud to you and on your computer might be very quiet to your viewers (I’ve done this in the past as I’ve changed many microphones and used different computers here and there!)

I hope these tips help you with your own YouTube journey to get the word out on your artwork and art.