Zombie Skull Drawing For Keyring

By | April 1, 2012

Drawing a Zombie skull is about sketching in a flesh skull that looks more rotten than anything else and here we have a three part video showing you how to draw a Zombie skull in the early sketching stage to the inked stage and coloring stage.

Choosing a nice soft pencil is the first step. I always use a 2B or a 5B for sketching as it always makes for good sketch lines that can be erased should you make a mistake. by sketching in the overall shape of the skull with an oval you can begin to block in the rough features as you go along with the drawing. I much prefer to build on a drawing or a sketch instead of trying to draw it exactly right first off which doesn’t always work.

Working lighter to start with and then darkening the pencil lines you are beginning to shade your drawing ready for the inking stage….

A good ink pen is essential. I however use many different ink pens, but primarily the gel ink ones that are cheap and they do fine for the purposes of inking your pencil drawings. Improving the sketch is paramount at this stage and adding details helps the design too.

Blending and shading with Crayola colored pencils is what I did in the last drawing video below it’s all about knowing your colors and how to blend them and pretty much this can be about trial and error to start out with, but generally speaking the warm and the cool colors can be blended together but mixing and matching the warm and cool colors can work just as well.

Now you have the drawing colored and complete the concept is ready to be turned into a reality. Making the final keyring design is taken up by my manufacturer and this will be going to them for a first model to be made.